Thursday, May 19
Room Paul

Ultimate Panel on Regrets

Everyone loves to share their success stories and best practices, but if we are honest, we learn mostly from our mistakes. Some can turn into successes, others cost of time, nerves, money or resources, and some might even change the way we work for good. But they have one thing in common: we can learn from them! This is why we invited a brave group of people to share a recent (big!) mistake and what lesson they learned from it, so we can all benefit from that story. Our Plunet team will join as well – so let’s put our success stories aside and give the stage to our ultimate regrets – and let’s learn together for the future! 😊

Rosa López
Head of Product // Plunet

Rosa López is Head of Product at Plunet in Berlin. She is responsible for the coordination and strategic planning of the Plunet roadmap and the Plunet BusinessManager. Originally from Spain, Rosa studied German-Spanish Translation and worked for several years as a translator and project manager in Germany and Spain, before starting at Plunet as Implementation Specialist first and Product Manager later. In her spare time, Rosa likes to go concerts and always enjoys watching her favorite series, Twin Peaks.

Sophie Halbeisen
Director of Business Development // Plunet

Sophie Halbeisen is the Director of Business Development at the Plunet office in New York. She is responsible for new customer acquisition and account management in North and South America. Sophie uses her expertise daily, advising existing and prospective Plunet customers on process automation and optimization. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Master’s degree in Finance; and has more than 10 years of professional experience in B2B sales, marketing, and consulting in the USA and Germany. Outside of Plunet, Sophie is involved in volunteer work, loves traveling, and has a great passion for the city of New York.